Five Questions To Ask A Hiring Manager During An Interview

Despite the abundance of online resources available to job seekers, in-person interviews present the ideal opportunities to learn as much as possible about new jobs. Remember that an interview is a two-way street, giving you the chance to ask the hiring manager questions about a company’s culture and evaluate if a certain position is a good fit for your individual career goals. If you’re unsure how to evaluate a potential new job, here are five questions you should ask the hiring manager on your next interview:

Can you explain a typical work day?

Asking about a typical work day will help you get a clear picture about what you can expect as an employee at the company. This will help you understand the general culture of the organization and determine whether or not your personality may be a good fit for the work environment.

What do you enjoy most about working at this company?

Asking the hiring manager this question will hopefully allow you to get some insight by an actual employee of the company about the perks of working there. Getting this type of feedback will give you a glimpse into employees’ sentiments toward the work atmosphere

What opportunities are there to grow at the company?

Whenever you explore a new career opportunity, it’s a good idea to know what types of training and growth options are provided by the company. Ask your hiring manager about how the company fosters learning and development, such as team-building initiatives and on-site training.

Is there a mentorship program?

Inquiring about a formal mentorship program will help you understand how much the company values its employees’ training and development. A mentorship program helps employees adjust to their new work surroundings, as well as provides a valuable outlet for employees to seek guidance and support at work.

When and how will my performance be evaluated?

Asking about the company’s process for performance evaluations is important in understanding how you’ll be assessed for your work. Being informed about this type of procedure can be helpful in knowing what to expect from the employer and give you an idea of how you’ll be evaluated.

Using an interview as a chance to learn about both a new job and employer can be a game changer in helping you determine the best course of action for your career. Be smart about your interview and gather the information you need to feel comfortable about your decisions.

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