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If you need ten associates or a team of 75, Lone Star Staffing can provide great people – when and where you need them. Our associates will arrive fully prepared to work and help you complete your projects on time.

Contact Us When You Need Support in the Following Areas:

  • Office/Clerical
  • Light Industrial
  • Warehousing
  • Cashiers/Baristas
  • Bakers/Cake Decorators
  • Manufacturing

Busy season, big projects, vacations or leaves of absence to cover? Lone Star provides skill-tested, hardworking, reliable employees whenever you need them.

Need to see how a worker performs on the job before committing to a hiring decision? With our temp-to-hire services, associates stay on our payroll until you’re ready to bring them on board.

Our professional recruiters will partner with you to recruit, interview and screen candidates. We dig deeper to find better talent, and we can dramatically shorten your search for the best job candidates. And there is no risk. We do all the work, and there is no cost to you until you hire a candidate that we have referred.

Advanced staffing management for high-volume usage.

No Cost, Full-Service Staffing Management

If you employ 75 or more temporary employees, Lone Star Staffing will provide a professional staffing manager to work at your facility to manage your contingent workforce–at no cost to you. Our on-site manager will work hand in hand with your HR department and operations managers to oversee your temporary workforce and reduce your cost and co-employment liabilities.

Our On-site Management Services Include:

  • Daily employee check in/check out
  • Temporary employee orientation
  • Maintaining time and attendance
  • Daily communication with your operations, HR and senior management
  • Reporting on staffing usage and metrics
  • On-site recruitment and retention
  • Administering safety program and incentives
  • Workers’ comp administration

For more information about our on-site management services, contact us today.

Save time, save money and limit liability. Let Lone Star manage payroll for you.  Whether you need to payroll a select group of people or your entire staff, we can make payroll management easier and more cost-effective. Lone Star Staffing will take care of weekly paychecks, taxes, workers’ comp and all other administrative payroll functions, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

What Does Lone Star Staffing’s Payroll Service Do for You?

  • Pay wages
  • Lower administration costs
  • Reduce risk and compliance exposure
  • Remove unemployment burdens
  • Eliminate workers’ compensation worries

Let Lone Star manage your payroll today.

Why Lone Star Staffing?

  • Accuracy: We provide people who are a great fit for your hiring needs.
  • Access to talent: We are always recruiting to source the most skilled and reliable workers.
  • Expertise: We can show you how to staff your company more effectively.
  • Safety: We employ our own safety and risk managers.
  • Service: We’re available for you 24/7/365.
  • Time and attendance: We employ biometric and facial recognition technology to ensure accuracy.

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